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by Mafalda de Arrábida Farelo

Due to the worrying lack of society's scientific literacy and increasing mistrust in science and scientists, during my PhD I decided to create a project that shows the backstage of science and the life of a scientist. In June of 2017, The Lab Notebook was born.

The aim of The Lab Notebook project is to increase science literacy and public trust in science and scientists using Instagram. I do this by debunking science myths/misinformation and explaining complex concepts in a way everyone will understand, sharing scientific knowledge while building relationships with the public, give representation to women in science, and communicate the importance of science and science-based policies for a sustainable and more informed society.

I also believe non-English speakers also deserve to have access to science, therefore all my content is available in both in English and Portuguese.

I am grateful to everyone who follows this project and helps me reach more people by interacting with me and sharing my work.

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