by Mafalda de Arrábida Farelo

Due to the worrying lack of society's scientific literacy and increasing mistrust in science and scientists, during my PhD I decided to create a project that shows the backstage of science and the life of a scientist. In June 2017 I created The Lab Notebook. Using Instagram as a platform, I share videos, images and write about my journey as a scientist, science and its impact on society. The aim of "The Lab Notebook" project is to debunk science myths and misinformation, show that scientists are regular people, give representation to women in science and to show that the world needs science and science-based policies.
In this project, I intend to minimize the gap between scientists and the general public and waking people's curiosity for science. In a fun and easy way, I explain complex concepts of biology and share my day-to-day as a young scientist. Furthermore, I believe non-English speakers also deserve to have access to science, therefore I all content is available in both in English and Portuguese.